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НПО «Декантер» поздравляет вас с профессиональным праздником

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Perspectives in Libya


Last week, in the capital of Libya, in the city of Tripoli, delegation from the NPO Dekanter, together with its partners from Tunisia (Saftech company) and Libya (Almalakia company), held a number of business meetings with representatives of the Libyan National Oil Corp. (NOC) and Mellitah Oil & Gas B.V.

The main topic of negotiations of the NPO Dekanter team with the largest representatives of the oil industry in Libya was environmental issues related to the extraction, processing, transportation and storage of oil products.

Presented by the NPO Dekanter solutions for the collection and disposal of oil sludge and drill cuttings, water treatment, and the treatment of industrial water provoked great interest of the Libyan side. The most pressing issue requiring immediate study was the issue of cleaning the soil contaminated with oil products. Of particular interest to the Libyan oil industry was the soil cleaning equipment UOG-15 which can clean the soil from oily waste, UOG-15 equipment is already successfully working not only in Russia, but also in a number of CIS countries.

The Libyan side highly appreciated the uniqueness of the solution proposed by NPO Dekanter on the basis of the UOG-15 equipment, which allows the processing of oil sludge and soils contaminated with oil products, regardless of the percentage of water, hydrocarbons and mechanical impurities. According to the results of the negotiations, by the end of March it is planned to work out technical requirements and sign the first contract for the processing of contaminated soil.

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