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UOG-15 patented in Kazakhstan and Russian Federation


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Oil heating block, BPM

Oil heating block, BPM
Raw materials: mineral oil, transformer oil
Types of treatment: pumping over
: electic heating

BPM is used for flowing heating of transformer, hydraulic and other mineral oils.

Oil heating block can be integrated into the oil recovery unit, which contains a group of adsorbers filled in with silica gel.

This block can be also used as an individual unit for oil heating and pumping over.

The heating method consists in transfer of oil through heating tank, in which pipe electric heaters are installed.

Technical data

Parameters Value
Productivity, not less than l/min 15
Power consumption, maximum kW 15
Maximum heating difference in one cycle, °С 50
Outlet pressure, not more than MPa (kg/cm2) 0,15 (1,5)
Weight netto, kg 110
Minimal oil volume needed to start the equipment, l 65
Length, mm
Width, mm
Height, mm