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UOG-15 patent in KZ

UOG-15 patented in Kazakhstan and Russian Federation


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BKP, Additive compounding block

BKP, Additive compounding block

BKP unit allows mixing up the working liquid with several additives simultaneously.

The unit is equipped by the set of flow indicators that allow regulating supply of additives with the given accuracy in the volumes from 4 to 200 liters per hour. Mixing up with working liquid is done in the ejector produced from stainless steel.

Supply of additives is provided by the set of special nozzles on standard 200-liter barrels. Each nozzle is equipped by air drive valve, level sensor and intake device.

The additives are lifted from barrels by air driving compressor. The working liquid, which requires additives, is supplied by working chemically resistant pump.

The unit can be produced as single block or in accordance with dimensions given by the customer to integrate it into produced equipment.

Parameters Value
Mainstream productivity, m3/hour 8
Number of mixed liquids (including the mainstream) 2...5
Dosing ratio error, % 0,5
Maximum power consuption, kW 3,2
Mixed liquid lift, max m 5
Size, mm
Length 790
Width 550
Height 850
Weight netto 26
Number of operators needed 1