Dekanters and separators
Utilization of oil sludges
Utilization of drilling sludges
Reservoir cleaning
Oil Regeneration
Pumping over oil products
Regeneration of diesel fuel
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UOG-15 patent in KZ

UOG-15 patented in Kazakhstan and Russian Federation


Free option for incinerator

Special proposal vlid through may 2017 - all TDU-2000 customers get a free LCD control panel

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Rules of shipment from the factory NGOs Decanter

Ladies and gentlemen, please, on receipt of goods in the NGO Decanter following rules.

1. Shipment is made only by road.
2. Shipment is made only if the driver properly executed proxy. In the case of shipping transportation company - the driver must be forwarding a receipt for the goods and the customer has knowingly sent to our office a formal letter of request to ship the goods of this particular carrier.
3. When loading NGOs Decanter reserves the right to keep the car on the loading of up to 12 hours without the carrier's right to make any claims on ordinary vehicles. Such requirements are usually caused by the complexity of loading and load securing.
4. When loading any cargo of 1.5 tons or larger than 5 meters in total length, width and height of the car has to be a fully retractable roof, including rear "portal".
5. When loading containers type HQ (about 2.9 meters tall) NGOs Decanter not responsible for the overall size of the car height. In such cases, we recommend the use of container or pre-calculate the total height of the semi-trailer with container.

Rules of shipment from the factory NGOs Decanter