Dekanters and separators
Utilization of oil sludges
Utilization of drilling sludges
Reservoir cleaning
Neutralization and regeneration of industrial oils
Treatment facilities
Pumping over oil products
Additional equipment


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The mobile system Kerber is designed for cleaning and washing from oil sludge and other sediments tanks used for storing heavy and light oil and petroleum products. Kerber was designed based on UOG-15 series oil sludge treatment complexes. Our company produces a line of these systems for different capacity and designs of the oil storage facilities. This unit could be used for tanks with the capacity upto 100,000 m³.

The treatment unit has a full mobile operation and can be placed in two 40 ft high cube containers (HC). The removed sediment undergoes maximum separation: at the first stage the mechanical impurities are separated from the received pulp, At the next stage the liquid mixture is separated in two fractions : water and hydrocarbons.

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